Tuesday, January 11, 2011

T-SQL Tuesday 14: Techie Resolutions

T-SQL Tuesday #14 Resolutions

Time for T-SQL Tuesday!

This months event is hosted by Jen McCown who has chosen the topic of “techie resolutions”. 

I hate to make overly general statements, but I can wrap this up in two words….  Catch Up!!!

I have spent much of the past year putting out fires with existing implementations and projects, and as such have not had adequate time to catch up with new technology.  A new project is promising to begin in the near future will utilize SQL 08R2 and will take full advantage of many of its new features and functionality.

SSRS and Mapping

One of the more interesting facets of this project is to utilize SSRS to create reports that will take full advantage of the geo spatial data that we have collected.  I have limited experience working with geo spatial data types in SQL, limited being lab and classroom only, and am excited to begin putting out this data to use in distributed reports. 


I am very excited about this technology and providing our data in a familiar tool, excel, to the masses.


Working with PowerShell has been on my “Some day” list.  Over the past few years the movement and reliance on this technology is obvious and I can’t afford to procrastinate any longer.


During the PASS conference I had the time to install and work with SQL 11, Denali.  Unfortunately I was dragged back into the cruel reality of work upon my return home and have had little time to explore since.  I am committed to tinkering with the CTP before it blossoms into a release to market and I am once again struggling to catch up.

I have so many more goals, Ohio State winning a national championship, the TB Bucs making it back to the playoffs, the Magic topping the Southeastern and surpassing the Heat, but I’ll save these for later.

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